Our instructors are not simply educators.

  They are financial advisors and professionals who work directly with retirees designing financial strategies and building retirement plans on a daily basis.

  They have made it their mission to further expand financial educational opportunities to more people in the Los Angeles community.

Cory Chapman

Senior Instructor

Cory J Chapman is a highly accomplished financial expert and entrepreneur, best known for his role as the founder and Managing Partner of EFC Wealth Management firm. With over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, Cory has impacted countless lives through his books, seminars, speeches, newsletters, and media appearances. His passion for helping his clients find simple solutions to achieve their desired retirement and financial stability is evident in every aspect of his work. Cory has a diverse background in the financial services arena, having trained in the mortgage, real estate, estate planning, and taxation arena. This broad experience, coupled with his love for teaching and educating people, has made him uniquely qualified to lend his insights to help his clients create the retirement they deserve. He has written six books on financial planning and Personal development and has been featured on Good Day LA, FOX, ABC, Wall Street Journal, and Kiplinger, among others.

With more than 2 decades in the financial services industry, Cory has built a company whose guiding philosophy has been “keep it simple.” He believes the world of finance doesn’t have to be complicated. He teaches the reps in his office that it is the Advisor’s job to simplify the process for clients and to educate them so that they have clear financial objectives and, more importantly, understand the path we’re advising them to take to achieve their financial goals.

Cory is more than a financial advisor; he is a wealth coach. Not only does he provide clients with financial help, such as saving and planning for retirement, he shows them how to build financial confidence in their life, now and in the future. Cory has recently featured on ABC and FOX networks, the reality show “The Decision House,” Southern California’s 94.7 The Wave radio program [which boasts 1.3 million weekly listeners], and much more. In addition to his books, Cory has been featured in numerous financial articles and magazines.

Sherri James


Sherri James approaches everything she does with the same level of care as if she was educating or working with a member of her own family. Ms. James is one of the outstanding educators for the Los Angeles Adult Financial Education organization and focuses on helping our attendees get the answers they’re looking for when planning their retirement.

Sherri focuses on helping EFC’s clients achieve their financial goals in retirement by implementing EFC’s Sound Fiscal House process. She holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MFA from the University of Southern California. Throughout her career, she has focused on real estate development and wealth preservation. As a Financial Professional, Sherri enjoys helping clients create stable futures for their families in the most tax efficient way possible. A Licensed California Insurance Agent, Sherri’s mission is to help clients find retirement solutions that can stand up under any financial storm. Her proudest achievement is being mom to her brilliant 8 year old son, Jordan.